We are now scheduling Routine Examinations as well as Urgent and Emergent VisitsCOVID-19 UPDATES

Welcome to our practice.

We know that your time is as important as ours and we strive to minimize your wait time. You can help us by arriving fifteen minutes early to complete any administrative paperwork prior to your appointment time. You can also click here to download the necessary forms so that you may complete them before your appointment. Please understand that each patient’s situation is unique and some may require more extensive examination and testing. Therefore, it is impossible to guarantee the duration of your visit with us. As a general rule, you can expect to be here for two to two and one-half hours for a comprehensive evaluation.

Please bring the following items to your appointment:

Insurance card(s)
We will need to see your current insurance cards in order to submit claims to your insurance provider.

Referral, if required by your insurance
If you have an HMO, you will likely need a referral from your Primary Care Physician. This can be faxed to our office prior to your visit or you can bring it with you.

Driver’s License or other photo ID

Current glasses
Bring your current glasses, including any computer or reading glasses.

Current contact lenses and information
Bring your contact lenses so we may assess them on your eyes. We will also need information about your contact lenses. This information is contained in the original prescription and on the box labels.

A list of your current medications
Your current medication list is important as some medications can affect the health of your eyes.

A copy of your prior eye exam records
If you have any significant eye problems, please bring a copy of your records, including diagnostic testing, from your prior Eye Doctor.
Click Here for a Records Release Form to submit to your prior Doctor.

You will need to complete a few forms providing demographic and insurance information, along with consent to our office policies. Our administrative staff will be happy to assist you with this. Some of these forms may be downloaded here and completed prior to your arrival.

Initial Screening
You will have a brief initial screening evaluation by one of our certified technicians. Please let the technician know the reason for your visit so that any needed testing can be performed efficiently.

Refraction is the test that determines your glasses prescription. This test is important in determining the health of your visual system. However, Medicare and many other insurance companies do not pay for this test during a medical examination. The cost for this test is $60. If you opt to not have this test, we will not be able to provide a prescription for new glasses.

Pupillary Dilation
Your pupils may need to be dilated for adequate evaluation of your retinas and optic nerves. This will persist for at least 3-4 hours after your visit and may reduce your ability to read or use the computer. Lights will appear brighter after dilation, so please bring sunglasses if you have them. If needed, we will supply a pair of disposable sunglasses for you.