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iCare Home Tonometry

The pressure in your eye (IOP) fluctuates throughout the day. Checking your IOP in the clinic only provides a measurement of what the pressure is at that one moment. Like a snapshot compared to a movie, it does not indicate what happened before or after that one moment. Occasionally, these single measurements are not enough to adequately manage your glaucoma. Your doctor may need more frequent measurements to detect pressure spikes or large fluctuations. If so, then home tonometry may be an option.

The Icare® HOME tonometer is designed for patients who need additional IOP monitoring according to their doctor’s recommendation. The easy-to-use Icare® Home tonometer revolutionizes IOP measurements. Making it quick, easy and effective.

The device is based on a rebound measuring principle that eye care professionals have come to trust. A small probe touches the cornea and the impact duration, deceleration and other motion parameters are evaluated.


Daily Fluctuation of IOP

Icare® Home tonometer does not require topical anesthetic or specialized skills for use. You will be instructed in proper use of the device. Then, sent home with everything you need to perform the testing. The iCare Home tonometer records IOP measurements and additional data. When you return with the device, after a few weeks, your doctor downloads the measurement data from the device and analyzes it. Your doctor can then discuss any necessary changes to your glaucoma therapy.